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Passover cooking class on 3/28

I've been teaching cooking classes for over 10 years now (gasp!). Reflecting back on my offerings during this time, I've found that I tend to teach a small handful of classes over and over again - ones that tend to be popular with cooking schools and among those who attend my community classes. Can you guess what those popular topics are? Piroshki has been my #1, followed closely by Dumplings. Holiday Appetizers claim spot #3. Several other classes have been repeated a couple of times, and a few have been one-offs.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy teaching things like Piroshki and Dumplings. They are fun to make, perfect for hands-on group classes, adaptable to an infinite variety of sweet and savory fillings, and a reliable hit, taste-wise, for both kids and adults.

However, I always jump at the opportunity to offer my students something new. It allows me to dive into recipe-testing for dishes that I make less frequently, and challenges me to think through a new class flow and come up with new techniques, tips, and stories to share. That is why I'm very excited about my online Passover cooking class that is coming up this Sunday, March 28, at 3 pm, through Seattle-based PCC Cooks.

Instead of focusing on mainstays of the American-Jewish Passover Seder table such as matzo ball soup, brisket and coconut macaroons, we will zero in on a humble dish that is served for breakfast during the 8 days of the Passover holiday: matzo brei. Literally meaning "fried matzo," matzo brei can be prepared in a number of different ways - savory or sweet, scramble style or frittata style. And, the blank slate that is matzo, a plain wheat cracker at heart, lends itself perfectly to countless mix-ins and toppings.

So, this Sunday, join me to make scramble style savory matzo brei with Mexican-inspired flavors, as well as frittata style matzo brei with cinnamon sugar. We will round things out by making charoset, a spread of apples, nuts, dried fruit, and spices that is both a mandatory component of the traditional Seder plate and an ideal topping for our sweet matzo brei. Hope to see you there!


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